Friday, December 26, 2008

Between Rounds

It's been one of those I'm-taking-the-day-off days, so I've been stitching and looking at stitching blogs. After viewing many completed and in-progress projects, I've come to the conclusion that I'm possibly the slowest stitcher in the world, and I still can't imagine how all of these people have time to write so much. They must be much more organized than I am! So you may notice on the right side of the page ... a list is forming. Hopefully, if I start a list of all of the things I've started, maybe I'll become a little more aware of the many things that could use some attention. I'm following a couple of great blogs, so check my blog list at the bottom of the page ... truly amazing stuff is out there to see and to read about. I'll add more as I get to read more blogs. Now, about Round 3 of Musical Ornaments: no one has really had time to play, so I've decided that I'll put together one more round in which you'll have to look for new (no, I'm not kidding) ornaments. I'm working it out in my slow-moving brain, so it'll appear in a day or two. Hope everyone is having happy holidays.