Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Summer Vacation Post

Ahhhh, finally I'm feeling like it really is summer vacation. It took a week. A very busy week. In my last post, I told you that I was going hiking with the girls. I have a few pictures of our adventure to show you. We went hiking up a trail in the Mt. Evans area. Mt. Evans is one of several 14ers (I forget how many, which is awful because I should know that) in Colorado. There was still snow on the trail in places, and it was a little chilly when we weren't walking. We even had some thunder and a little pellet snowfall. Here's a sample of what we saw ...Isn't that beautiful? My sister-in-law, Barbara, asked me on the drive up if I notice how pretty it is here every day. Thank goodness I could tell her that I always notice! I feel lucky every time I look at the sky or the rolling hills or the mountains. Below is a picture of the girls ...
Clockwise from top left you see Barbara, her sister Paula, my niece Kelly, and Paula's daughter Laura. Do you also see our little companion? Zack (faithful companion of the man I hang around with) was the only male to accompany us. As you can see above and below, he was always on the lookout for varmints.

The poor boy had to have walked three times farther than the rest of us, because he was always off the trail, sniffing and checking out every tree, bush, log and pile of poop. What a guy. He required a little assistance when we climbed up some rocks and over a log. In fact, he was high-centered on a log, so Kelly and Laura came to his rescue. Too bad I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of that! Of course, he was too tired to do anything but nap on the ride home.
Would you like to see how things are going in the Garden? The only positive comment I have about hospitals is that sitting there affords some pretty good stitching time. Here's where I am today ...
The lower right tree is at the bottom of the sampler (gasp)! I know! How exciting is that? Those of you who have already stitched ATS will notice that I've changed the words. I don't like abbreviations, like 9-07 for September 2007 (those of you who've been with me for a while already know about my strange OCD issues), so some changes were required to satisfy my needs (just saying that makes me laugh at myself). To satisfy some equally odd need, I tried to make the pond pretty. Well, pretty to me.
Go ahead, call me kooky. I just had to have some ripples where the fishing line is dropping into the water. Maybe by the end of the month ... sorry, but I can't say it. I don't wanna jinx it.
I have to tell you a little about Mom. I told her how incredibly kind all of you have been, and she wants me to thank you for your prayers, chants, candles, good thoughts and happy wishes. Our whole family is thankful for your thoughtfulness. Mom spent a couple of days in the hospital again this week (her blood is being naughty), but she's back home and feeling better.
This will probably be my last post before I go off to New England on Monday. There's so much to do between now and then. I've caught up on a few blogs, but I have a ways to go. I've missed spending time with ya'll. Maybe I'll surprise you from the road with a post or two. My friends have computers, but it's hard to sit alone in a room when everyone else is drinking/laughing/visiting without me. I don't wanna miss a thing! Nikki will be at home with Merlin, so he'll be in good hands.
Later, gators ... make some fun.
PS ... I've tried to make this crazy thing make spaces for paragraphs, but it won't work today (rrrrr, @#!@*#). So sorry if it's difficult to read.