Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yes, it's a terrible disease affecting many stitchers, and it's horribly contagious. I've been reading all about it on other stitchy blogs, so I know now how it's transmitted. All you have to do is see someone else's stitchy starts, and you're immediately obsessed with starting something new of your very own. I've been fighting the urge daily. No, many times a day. Ever since I finished And They Sinned, I want to start every single project I have (and there are hundreds ... no kidding), but I've only started two.

First is Women of the Mayflower. It's from the Spring 2004 volume of Fine Lines, so it's been waiting to be stitched for quite a while. It's a design from Olde Willow and is charted for Olde Willow floss. I have the colors, but my purple for the words and other parts was way too pale, so I had to use a darker color from Weeks (which required unstitching many letters, of course). My fabric is 35-count Dye Pot Blend from R&R, and it seems so big after 40-count! I actually started this in the car on the way to Minnesota (before ATS was actually finished), but stopped when I discovered the purple floss issue.
You see, I didn't take ATS to Minnesota. There was only a tiny bit of stitching left to do as I was leaving town, but I didn't want to expose it to all of the travel elements. You know ... dog hair, dog feet, road food, Diet Coke.

Next to join the WIP pile is Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (gasp!). I know! I'm so excited to start this project, which certainly must have drool marks on the fabric and charts from my many longing looks and thumb-throughs while stitching other things. I'm using the NPI silks called for and 40-count Vintage Autumn Gold from Lakeside. A sweet lady at Needle in a Haystack (how rude of me to forget which lady) helped me choose a piece of fabric with less gold and more brown in it ... over the phone! She was incredibly patient. I love stitching Shores, and here's a pic of my progress from a few days ago. With my unfortunate photographic skills (or lack thereof), the color of the fabric isn't like real life.

Finally, here is the WIP I took to Minnesota. It's The Heart's Content Colonial Charm Sampler, which I started about 15 years ago. Isn't that awful? I have so many things in my WIP pile that were started oh, so long ago. I'm gonna try to force myself to work on it at least once a week (uh huh, sure). I love it, but I'm obsessed with Shores and some other projects. What to do?

I just got a call from my niece to let me know that she and my mom will be stopping by after a run through Whole Foods! Eek! I have to get out of my nightgown and wash my face and pick up a few things, so this post has to end. I'll leave you with a sunset from Sugar Lake in Minnesota. I took loads of sunset pictures, and some of them actually turned out.

Thank you to all of you sweet bloggy friends who commented about the completion of ATS. It's so much fun to have encouragement. You'll be happy to know that it's at the framer now.

Oh, before I go, there are two giveaways to tell you about. Marie and Jolene are both having giveaways, so get on over to their blogs and check them out. And make some fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally Finished!

I know! It's so shocking! I finally finished my biggest BAP to date. The deed was done last Saturday as I was sitting on the patio with my mom. She asked if it was anti-climactic ... lol. Not at all! When my sister finished, she described how she felt as empty. I don't feel that way. I feel rather liberated. I can move on to other things I've been wanting to stitch. Well, to be honest, I've already moved on!
Since you've already seen the rest of And They Sinned (over and over again), here's a final view of the last section ...
And since I signed mine differently, I had a little space next to the last tree on the right. I used it to add a little bunny and some more initials. This picture didn't come out as well as I'd hoped ... sorry about that.
I'm a little short of time this evening, so I'll show you my new starts (yes, that's plural) next time, along with a WIP I got to work on while riding to and from Minnesota. But first, there will be a few hours (optimistically speaking) spent cleaning out my closet. I'm not allowing myself to do anything fun until that's done. Golly, it's tough to force myself to do necessary tasks when I just wanna stitch!
Make some fun.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Surprise Trip

Well, it wasn't really a surprise. We'd been talking about it, and even decided to go the weekend before we left. But there was so much to do beforehand that it felt like a spur-of-the-moment idea. Maybe it was just me ... I didn't think we'd really go. Anyway, the man I hang around with, Zack and I took off on July 2nd for Sugar Lake, near Annandale, Minnesota. We spent almost a week at his family's lake house, which is a beautiful place. The weather was perfect (no exaggeration ... really)! Zack is an excellent traveller, of course, and we laughed our way across six states.

Since I'm a crazed tourist, and I had never been to Iowa or South Dakota, that nice man took the long way home so we could see some sights. Wanna see some pictures? If you don't, there's always the option of that back arrow on your browser, so feel free.

First, here's Zack enjoying a ride through the Bad Lands, where his constant companion declared, "Fifteen dollars to see the Bad Lands? Hell, we just wanna drive through, not stake a claim!" The man has a sense of humor.
We also visited these guys. What a spectacular place! It was even better than I expected.
I wasn't rushed through a single place, so I even had time to add some more squished pennies to my collection. I know. I'm a big dork. You wouldn't believe all the pictures I took.
The Corn Palace (bushels o' fun) was another great spot, but I could've skipped Wall Drug. I'm telling ya, South Dakota has tourism dialed in. We stopped at a rest stop just across the state line, and they loaded us up with materials. There was no way we could miss anything. One stop we had to make was Sturgis. It's weeks before the big Motorcycle Rally, but they're already preparing. My traveling companion needed lots of t-shirt shopping time (hey, a guy has to have the right Harley attire for rides).
I could only fit a few pictures in (I take those pictures that use a lot of memory), but I had to show you how happy Zack was to get home.
I had a huge surprise waiting for me when I got home on Friday. There was a package from Robin, which contained fabulous prizes ...
There's a lovely framed piece, a felted wool pin cushion and wallet, and a little scissors fob. How nice of Robin! Months ago, Robin offered to send a PIF (that she decided to call a RAK) to someone who commented on her blog. I was a lucky recipient! She asked about favorite things (hearts and purple) and fixed up quite a package. I didn't imagine that there would be such great goodies, so I'm extremely thrilled. Thank you, thank you, Robin.

So that's all I have time for today. Next time (hopefully soon) I'll have some pictures of stitchy things and of a big-ass finish (I'm barely containing my squeals of delight). I'd fill you in now, but I haven't taken pictures, and my brother is visiting. I wanna try to beat him at golf today. It's one of the few times I'm competitive ... golf with my brother. Even if he hasn't played for over a year, he can still kick my ass. Maybe I'll have some time to see what ya'll have been up to. I have loads of blog-reading to do. Until later, make some fun.