Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Update? Really?

Are you surprised yet? I hope someone is, because I am! It's been so long since I updated pictures on my computer that I had forgotten how to do it. Where have all the brain cells gone (sung to the tune of "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?")? I used to have some, right up until I went to college ... never mind. Anyway, I was successful at figuring out what I knew a while back, and here are some pics.

Keagan was the recipient of my first baby sweater. Do I have a picture of him wearing it? NO! Nikki has it somewhere, but she's a little too busy to bother right now. All I have is this knitting-complete-but-not-really-finished picture. You'll have to trust that it was finished and Keagan wore it and looked terribly cute (of course). I was amazed at how easy it was to knit. No kidding! I even knitted little button holes that worked. I feel smart every time I look at it!

Socks have been a big item for me since I started knitting, so I have to show you the few pair that I've completed. This first pair are top-down socks made of wool.

By the way, the pair I had started when I left you a year ago (the post before last) were finished and have been worn by the man in my life (there has to be something better to call him) for a year. He wears them and tells everyone that I knitted them. I think that's a good thing.

Next up are some toe-up socks. My first pair of this type worked out pretty well. The yarn is wool and a little bamboo, so they're very soft. They're mine ... heh, heh, heh ... and I'm very happy with them.

The lovely camo socks below were also toe-up using the same pattern as the pretty purple ones, but I had an issue. I knitted them for the man in my life (really ... new name needed), but they won't fit over his heel! The only way I know to fix this problem is to pull the bind-off out and bind off more loosely. Or should I pull out the ribbed part, add some stitches and re-bind off loosely? Staci, queen of knitting, if you're reading this, please give me a hint. I thought about screaming and ripping them to shreds just tossing them in a drawer, but they're a wonderful blend of wool and cashmere, so they're stupidly expensive incredibly soft and cozy. The color ... eh, not so great for me, but someone loves them. Suggestions about how to handle the too-small bind-off would be appreciated. I suppose I could take them to the LYS where I've spent a crapload of little money on yarn and ask for some help.

Finally we've arrived at some stitching. I finished the Ewe & Eye & Friends Small Sampler #6 and personalized it for a happy anniversary. I used the recommended DMC threads and 40-count Sandstone, and it turned out great. Oh wait ... I used an overdyed floss for the alphabet. It's hard to tell in my bad picture, but I satin-stitched the insides of the leaves and put my own stuff in the cartouche, including a queen-stitched heart. I used to think these pictures were all clickable to make them bigger, but that hasn't worked lately. Figuring it out doesn't fit into my plans for the evening. ***Edited: The clicking does work! Holy cow! As usual, I'm in the dark.***

That's enough stuff for now. I've got some stitching to do! Next time I'll show you what I've been working on but haven't finished (evidence of ADD).

Tomorrow would've been my mom's 75th birthday. The special day reminded me that a few of you have asked about my dad. He's doing rather well, despite the case of Shingles he has. If, like me, you've had them, you know that isn't a happy way to spend your time. He's been dating, which is fine but weird. I could tell you stories, but you'll have to wait for my book to be published (don't tempt me). Life changes often, and we adjust in whatever ways we can, right? For those of you who have asked about him, thank you. That was extremely kind of you to remember him.

TGIF tomorrow! Is it just me, or do these short weeks seem long? Enjoy your weekend and make some fun.