Monday, January 5, 2009

End of an Era

A most wonderful milestone was reached this evening at our annual HOA meeting (if you think I'm a dope for attending, you must keep reading). As a new officer was elected to the board, I officially ended my three-year term as pres (see ... I'm more of a dope than you'd imagined). Let's see ... how do I feel about this? WOO HOO!!! I learned more than I ever wanted to know about the operation of our HOA during the last three years, and I have the satisfaction of having taken my turn, but it hasn't been my most satisfying endeavor. Unfortunately, I've learned that some of the ugly things I thought I knew about people are sadly true. This is a good point to stop typing on this subject, because unless you've been living alone in a cave or up a tree (in which case, I wonder how you keep your laptop charged), you know exactly what kind of people I'm talking about. Ahhhh, now I have more stitching time.

It was back-to-school today and this is what I learned or relearned:

1. When you whisper to first-graders, they whisper back.

2. When you whisper to third-graders, they don't whisper back, but three-eighths of them do ask why you're talking funny.

3. If you croak out "hello", the great majority of adults will inevitably ask, "Is something wrong with your voice?"

4. After two weeks of vacation, 10 out of 12 struggling first-grade readers can still read most of the words they could read before vacation.

5. After two weeks of vacation, some of the struggling first-grade readers will give you hugs that make you remember why you thought you had to go back to school with laryngitis.

6. None of the above can/will be quantified by mandatory state assessments.

I love my job.