Friday, March 27, 2009

My Machine and I

The sewing machine and I have been very busy. Wait. What kind of machine did you think I meant in the title? Oh, you naughty girls! Before I get to the projects, here's a look at that antique tablecloth I found last week. Of course, it's too small for my little dining table, and after looking at it, I know why. Look closely at the picture below, and you'll see some card suits. Yes, I think it's a card tablecloth! How cute is that? It also has little ties on each corner. I have no idea what to do with it, so if anyone out there plays bridge, let me know.

Next up are my new pillow made from an antique French linen dishtowel and that cute little pin cushion I found. There was nothing at all to the pillow ... just seams up each side with an overlap in the back to make it an envelope.

The pin cushion insert had been stuffed extremely tightly with wool. I took that one out and replaced it with my homemade insert that was stuffed with crushed walnut shells. Then I found some pretty lampwork beads to dress it up a little bit. As some of you suggested, I tried and tried to figure out a way to make that S into a D, but no way (dang it). I'll try to be satisfied with the fact that Sharri will really like it. If she doesn't, or if she lets her naughty dog get hold of it, I'm stealing it and bringing it back home.

Finally, here is my first Christmas ornament of the year. I joined the 2009 Christmas Challenge (what was I thinking?) a little late, and I'm not requiring that I do the first two months of ornaments. If anyone else notices, I'll just tell them I've been busy in Eden, right? Anyway, this is a Shepherd's Bush cutie from the 1999 (I think) ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch. It's on a 32-count linen that I've forgotten the name of (hey, it's been a few years since I got the fabric and set it aside to stitch), stitched over two. I made some pretty cord, and I found out something about me that I've suspected for quite some time. I hate to sew on cord! Really. I believe that's the main reason that I hate to finish finish things. Sewing on cord is the pits. If I had a therapist, we'd probably have to discuss it. Since I don't (sigh), I guess I'll just have to get more practice at it.

I worked on something else, too, but it's not ready for viewing. No telling when I'll drag the beast of a sewing machine out to play again. Maybe the next time it snows like crazy, which could be many months away. Oh, well.

I'm off now to take my old man cat, Merlin, to the doc. He seems to be declining lately, and he needs some attention. This is not attention he will enjoy, I'm afraid. We'll try to make it fun (at least that's what I'll be saying to Merlin).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lo How a Rose - The End

Didn't I say in my last post that I'd update on the next day? Ha! Life always has a mind of its own. So here it is ... I'm very happy with it. I've gotten some questions about it, so I'll give the details again. The design is charted with DMC and with WDW, so I chose WDW colors. I had to change London Fog to Pelican Gray so the words would show up on my fabric. It's stitched on 30-count R & R Old Mill Java, and it measures 5 and 3/4 inches by 5 and 1/2. The hexagon in the lower right corner is empty in the design, but I decided to treat it as a cartouche ...

I tried to keep my initials and the year in the same style as the letters that the Brightneedle girls used. Sorry that picture is so difficult to see, but you get the idea. So, hooray, my second finish of the year. That's all? Yep. I'm blaming it on Eden.

My book with LHaR in it is going to Canada tomorrow to be with Jennifer (no blog), who found that the price of the book has become a little silly. I agree. I paid one dollar for the book, and the last price I heard was $30. Yes, booksellers have every right to set their prices according to supply and demand, but some of us would rather splurge on the three F's ... fabric, fibers and framing. So we're starting a little pass-along. When Jennifer is finished, she's gonna send the book to Valie in France. If anyone else would like to join us in our progressive stitch, please email me, and the book will continue to travel. And who knows? Valie may find the book at a more reasonable price while she's waiting. I reckon we'll see.

It's finally snowing here, so I'm gonna drag out the sewing machine and try to get some things finished. Then I'll be back in Eden. Since Lo is finished, I'm gonna keep my mini-rotation (me? rotate?) going on Thursdays. Miss Lila is waiting along with so many others in the WIP basket, calling out to me to pick them up and pay them some stitchy attention. Shall I start today? Maybe, but it's been a while since I spent some days in Eden, so by next Thursday I'll know which project I'm in the mood for. I'm off ... make some fun.

** Oops! I'm editing to say that LHaR is stitched over one on 30-count, which is why it's so small. Sorry I left out that important piece of info. **

Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy Girl

Yep, I've been a very busy girl, and not much stitching has happened since Friday. First, here are a couple of pics of my four-legged visitor. His name is Zack, and he is the constant companion of the man I hang around with. Since his person is out of town, and his usual sitter is too busy to entertain him, he's here with me. This is how he loves to ride around ...

Here he is wondering why I'm trying so hard to get a good picture of him. His life is based on the belief that everyone loves him (they usually do), and he aims to please. Zack has been a very sweet visitor and a great friend on my walks. We've walked about 12 miles since I picked him up on Saturday. What a good boy.

As soon as Spring Break began at 3:30 on Friday, I headed into downtown Littleton to grab a couple of things at my LNS. Since I was there, I decided to take a little walk to an antique store that's moved in just down the street. I found some fabulous items! First is this little linen pin cushion that has Sharri's initial on it. Of course, she must have it, so it's being refurbished for her. Hopefully, I'll have a picture of it in all its glory soon.

I also found a wonderful antique linen dishtowel, which will soon be a pillow, and an old linen tablecloth that's just perfect for my little dining table. I'll show you those, too, as soon as they're ready for viewing.

My next show and tell is a sampler that was started by someone else and given to me about a year ago. I've never really looked at it closely until Saturday. When I pressed it and started looking it over, I noticed that this poor baby has been incredibly miscounted. Take a look at the top border, and you'll see a horizontal line where none should be. I'm not sure whether that was the first or the last attempt to fix whatever boo boo(s) occurred. The little cherubs are misplaced, and I'm pretty certain that I'll find a few more things that will have to be unstitched before any other stitching is begun. Maybe that's why the orginial stitcher stopped working on it. I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do with it. By the way, it's called The Grapevine Sampler by Threads of Gold. It's on 40-count linen over two threads, so it's right up my alley. We'll see.
Now I must get back to Lo How a Rose (she said excitedly). Could a finish be near? I'll check in again tomorrow.