Saturday, April 25, 2009

All Better, Etc.

Well, thanks so much for everyone's concern for the little pink-bottomed sheep. I fixed him up by unstitching and then restitching the offending area, and here he is ... all better.
The fabric underneath was also stained pink, but you can't see it now that it's covered up with new floss. Poor little sheep. Merlin and I have made a pact to conduct future medicinal wrestling out of range of any needlework and upholstery. I'm thinking a plastic, claw-proof, zip-up kitty suit would be a perfect idea, but I've never seen one of those. Oh, my first million-dollar idea? A prototype could be in the making. Maybe velcro instead of a zipper, though, since I hate to put in zippers.

Here's this month's Totally Useless SAL picture.

My ort and stitchy trash jar has seen some traffic this week. I trimmed some edges off of a piece or two of fabric. I love holding linen with straight-cut edges. I know what you're thinking, and yes, it's probably my old friend, OCD, rearing its ugly head again. As long as I'm not nagging anyone or forcing perfection on those around me, I suppose it's ok if I obsess about things like fabric edges. I also have quite a few orts from this week's project, the BBD contest sampler that everyone is stitching. I've neglected Eden horribly this week in favor of working on that little sampler, and it's finally finished. I'll wait until later to show it to you.

How about a Sisterhood of the Rose update? We've added two new sisters to the list: Kathleen from El Paso, Texas, and Wanda from Regina, Saskatchewan, both of whom are not bloggers. Jennifer in Canada will be keeping us updated on her progress.

Following what's become my usual Saturday pattern, I'm posting while looking an absolute wreck. I got out of bed and immediately went to work finishing this week's project, then took some pictures and read blogs and emails, so many things have been neglected. I'm off to rectify that situation and prepare for some fun later. The number this week is 4! There's so much to be done at school and only four weeks in which to get it all accomplished. Happy weekend ... make some fun.