Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good News!

There is good news for our family today! Mom had a scan on Monday showing that chemo is shrinking her tumors and lymph nodes. Isn't that the best news? Mom is a champion at having a positive attitude, and she's extremely encouraged by the new info. I'm pretty certain that she has a record number of prayers/chants/good thoughts from all over the world working for her, so thank you again to all of you who are helping. We could never express how grateful we are for your kindness. My only request is that you keep Mom (Estelle) on your list and continue to do whatever you're doing. Relief is a great feeling. I'm heading over to hang out and stitch for a while during her chemo today.

OK, on to regular stuff. Here's my TUSAL jar for the month, pictured with some friends. You'll notice that I've moved up to a quart-sized jar. I have a feeling that it's the stitchy trash, not orts, that made the move necessary. Do we care about that? Nah.

I've been a busy, busy organizer. Slow, but busy. After my closet got a makeover, I started working on my stash. I've sorted through all of my fabric, identified counts, and put everything into new Elfa drawers (gasp). I know! New drawers in my closet! The Container Store is a lovely place. Sorry ... I've ADD'd my way off the subject. There are now special places for kitted projects (way more than I thought) and WIPs (yes, I found more :O).

I had forgotten about many UFOs that I have absolutely no intention of finishing. You know how that is, right? My tastes and desires have changed in the decades since they were started. So, I hope I'm not veering off into the tacky side of blogland, but I don't know all of the rules. Would anyone like to finish the following UFOs?

First up is Window Sill Shells. My start is on 32-count white linen, two-over-two, and includes chart and start.
Next is a project that someone else started and gave to me, thinking I'd be thrilled to finish it. No, I'm not. It's on linen band and includes floss, beads, dowel for hanging, and instructions.

Last on today's list is a log cabin quilt square with specialty stitches. It could be framed or made into a pillow, and it's almost finished. Most of the diamond shapes on the right need to be unstitched and restitched, and that's the border to the project. Only the border has to be stitched. I think it's on 28-count natural linen, and it comes with floss, directions, chart and start.
If you're interested in any of these UFOs, just leave a comment about which one you'd like to have. If more than one person is interested, I'll draw names in a very unscientific way. If no one is interested, they'll go off into the UFO cosmos ... or something.

Since I haven't finished going through my cedar chest and files (I know ... I've been a hog and this is years overdue), there will be some more destashing to come. I've promised a friend first chance at kits and charts, but she'll want only a fraction of what's leaving the premises. So stay tuned for some stash giveaways.

When not reorganizing, I've been stitching away on my new starts, Shores and Mayflower Women. Next time I'll show you what I've been up to. Believe it or not, there are only three weeks left of summer vacation for me (oh no!), which makes me almost apoplectic. Ya'll know what a brat I am about time off. I've had Zack as a houseguest, because his person has been working nights (poor man ... it's done him in). He's been helping me get my miles walked and my errands done. Merlin (yes, the old man cat is still hanging in there) is not amused, but we've had only one confrontation all week.

'Til next time ... make some fun.