Friday, April 10, 2009

Comin' Along

Wow! Another busy week that sped by. I can't quite figure out where my after-work hours are going, but I know that they're going quickly.

I heard from Jennifer (no blog) yesterday, and she has received Lo How a Rose. As soon as she receives her fabric, she'll be stitching away. She's even thinking of starting a blog (gasp)! I know! Once you get started looking around at what everyone else is doing, you just can't help yourself. It's kinda like potato chips or popcorn. Whether she does begin blogging or not, she will keep us updated on her progress. I think it'd be great if Jennifer decides to join the club here in blogland.

You're probably sick of hearing about Eden (or at least you'd like to see something else), but I couldn't persuade myself to do anything else with the little time I had, so here's how ATS is coming along ...

Ugh! Now that I see that picture on the big screen, it's not very good. Sorry about that. Anyway, in the last update (two posts back) I had filled in the grass to the bottom of the spotted sheep. That was March 29, so I guess that's not too bad. I got to stitch so much last Saturday that my elbow was sore. So I had stitch-ass and stitch-elbow. I was waiting for that big snowstorm to happen, but it missed us by about 25 miles (dang it). The weather wasn't pleasant, though, so I used it as an excuse to hang out in Eden.

This is Friday, and the number is 6. Yes, my beloved blogger buddies, six weeks until summer vacation. I've made my plane reservations to fly off to see friends in New England for a while. Plane fare this year is too good for words. I'm already looking forward to laughing so much that my face hurts by the time I go to bed. What could be better than friends who laugh that much? We have so much fun that, if my stitching is out at all, it usually just sits on my lap because I can't stand to miss anything. And Vermont and Maine ... ahhhhh, I love it there.

That's it for now. I'll try to work on something different. Make some fun.