Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012, How I Love Thee!

Look! My blog finally got a facelift! It's about time, huh? I know it's not much, but it's something. Maybe at some future date I'll grow some courage and really branch out.

New Year's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Unless you're having a party, there's not much to prepare. All that's required most of the time is that you've made appropriate plans, or no plans at all, and have enough celebratory beverages on hand. We visited my swain's brother and sister-in-law on New Year's Eve, left there early, and then relaxed. It was good. Then on New Year's Day, we went to see friends for black-eyed peas and collard greens, and then watched the Broncos lose. Ugh, what a season. Now we have to watch post-season; a heart-stopping proposition. If we make it past one game, we'll be stunned.

For Christmas we took a 2200 mile road trip to visit the swain's son and family in Santa Monica. It was interesting and fun. The highlight, besides meeting his California grandchildren, was seeing a friend I hadn't seen for 16 years. I saw sweet Estrella as a mom for the first time and met her young daughter. What can compare with getting to know a new three-and-a-half-year-old new best friend while having lunch and sitting on the beach? We went on some killer walks, enjoyed fabulous weather, saw the tar pits (yes, I'm a big, fat geek), we stopped in Nevada for golf (a great course that was the source of much poor-golfing hilarity), and had a wonderful time together. It's what we do, thank goodness.

Does it sound awful that I deserted my daughter and grandsons for Christmas? Don't worry ... we had a fun-filled evening before we left and a great visiting day after returning, so I got to see my boys during my break from school. I honestly can't imagine leaving them during another Christmas vacation for a long time. Keagan's new mission is to help his mom with everything possible, including Blake's diaper changes. He thinks he's 12 and can do anything on his own. His newest words are football, high chair and Grandpa (for my dad). Blake is growing big and pudgy and trying to roll over. What a pair at four and 21 months!

Well, kids, I'm not much for planning and goal-setting when it comes to stitching. I wrote that as if you don't already know what a bird-hopper I am! This year could be different, because I've signed up for Measi's WIPocalypse. If you'll glance at the sidebar, you'll see my list of WIPs that I'm carrying over into 2012. The list is long (she whined pitifully), and I'd love to whittle that WIP list to a mere fraction of its present size so I can stitch more things. Here's what I'm up against:

Holy cow! Yep, I piled them on the bed (and a few are missing) just to get a look at the size of my mission. If you look carefully, you'll see a little hooked piece that's begging to be finished. There are also some ancient (as in 1980's) pieces and some unidentified objects. I'm hoping for great changes to the pile, since I have only a couple of gifty things to stitch this year (uh huh, we've heard that before).

One project that won't be in the mix is my swain's stocking, which is Bertie's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush. Here are a few pics ...

 I love the little froggy in the vegies. This stocking goes with mine (Tina's Stocking), so gardening is the theme.

My newest WIP to join the pile is Jeffrey's Stocking for Blake. I just couldn't quite get it finished with all the Christmas and trip preparations, but I've been working at it. Here's where I am ...
Isn't it looking good? So far, he hasn't noticed that he didn't have a stocking this year. It's been a fun stitch, and the colors are dreamy for someone who loves purple. Maybe by next week it can be my first WIPocalypse finish! Cross your fingers for me, because I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree (about 400 ornaments, OMG), and my little house needs a good cleaning.

I'm off to get something accomplished and maybe stitch a little. I'll do my best to get back next week (always the same story, huh?) for an update. Almost all of my students returned to school this week with colds, so think germ-killing thoughts for me. And make some fun!