Thursday, February 9, 2012

Giveaway #1 Results and Giveaway #2

I'm jumping in a little earlier than promised, since I had a little gift of time this evening. My book group was canceled, so I'm taking care of business. Lots of you out there have recently gotten rid of some items and would rather not have more, and I understand perfectly. That means we had only a few giveaway participants, so their chances were great.

For Giveaway #1, Giovanna will get the fabrics, and JHM will be get the Winter Whitework Sampler. Ladies, if you'll drop me an email note with your snail mail addresses, I'll send your prizes. 

Since we're on a roll, let's have giveaway #2. This time, the prizes are in pairs.

Our first pair: Winter Into Spring and Summer Into Autumn by The Drawn Thread. 

My pics are a little too small, but I know you can find better pictures online. Both are kits, complete with threads, fabric, beads, etc.

Our second pair: The Violet Sampler and Garden Recipe, also by The Drawn Thread.

The Violet Sampler is a chart only, and you'll have to find a cute little dragonfly charm along with your supplies.

The Garden Recipe package contains silk ribbon, bow charm and rose quartz hearts.

If you'd like to be entered in either or both drawings, just let me know in the comments. I'll draw names Monday evening and let you know by Tuesday.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who commented and emailed with hugs and good thoughts and very interesting tales after my last post. Ours is a situation that most of us don't expect, so we're feeling our way along rather blindly. We're also laughing as much as possible (there's so, so much to laugh about) and looking forward to having my brother and sister-in-law here for a few days. They'll be staying with me for what my SIL is calling "the royal wedding". I appreciate all of the kindness and smiles that fill the comments, not just now, but all the time. I share with my sister and daughter, who are smartasses (thank goodness), just like I am.

'Til next time, make some big fun.

Monday, February 6, 2012

February WIPocalypse

It doesn't feel like it's been almost a month since I posted ... it seems longer! Yep, it's been quite the month. I think I'll start with the happy stuff, like a new finish. Look below and you'll see my newest finished EEF Limited Edition Santa.

So sorry about the dim and crooked picture. The sun came out yesterday and this morning, but I was unprepared for photography at all the right times. I put his backing fabric and cord floss in the pic with him. He's from a 1994 (geez, I'm slow) Ewe & Eye & Friends kit. I had previously given him an incorrect birth year, but I've edited my sidebar and the post he's pictured in. I hadn't worked on him since the last time I took my mom to chemo more than two years ago, so I feel like I've really accomplished something by finishing him. I'm gonna treat myself and take him to the finisher tomorrow.

For those of you keeping score, that's my second finish of a WIP this year. I haven't been resting on my laurels (such as they are) since I finished Santa. I started a new pair of socks (no picture yet) ... well, two new pair ... long story for another time. I started the EEF Napa Valley Sampler that will be a gift for friends, but I haven't made enough progress yet to show you a picture.

I have to explain a little about what I've been up to. My dad's getting married again, which has brought so many mixed feelings from our whole family that I can't possibly explain here. I guess it'll have to be in my memoirs (uh huh, when pigs fly). Anyhoo, we were told that we'd have to pick up some things (picture a room full of so, so many items) that had belonged to my mom and my grandma. We were also told that these things would be "unavailable" if they weren't claimed by a certain date. So my sister and I (in not-quite-panic mode) went over and started to weed out some things that no one would want to have, and then we've been parceling out the things that we know someone would want. We didn't want anything to disappear without looking at everything. 

I've become the keeper of many items in my basement, just in case someone wants the opportunity to go through some old pictures or would like something they weren't sure about earlier. Sharing was/is important to us, so we want everyone to have chances to decide. I've also become the proud owner of many beautiful things (an antique wardrobe, old quilts, needlework, jewelry, etc.) that had to be put away. It's taken some time to find space and clean out Nikki's (she thinks it's still hers) closet to make room. We've all come to the obvious, shared conclusion that we'd rather have my mom than have her things.

So why am I telling you all this? I've added a new WIP to my list. It's an old needlepoint canvas that Mom started in 1987 (we found the receipt ... the woman never threw things away!). My sister and I can both remember when Mom bought it at The Needleworker, a shop in Denver. She bought it with all the fibers and took a class to learn the stitches and techniques, and she was incredibly excited. Mom called it the Calico Cat (so did I in my WIP list), but Kitty Cat was on the receipt. Who knows? My sister wants me to finish it so we can share it. Is that like a little sister, or what? Take a look ...

Yep, the 80's called and we answered! Notice the water stains at the bottom? I could only find some of the fibers (they were a mess, which was such a surprise), but I'm gonna take it with me to a needlepoint shop to see if they can help me match one wool. The only areas that haven't been stitched are that wool and some DMC colors that I'm pretty sure I can figure out. All the hard stuff has been done. So why did Mom stop working on it? Why do any of us stop working on something? Another bright, shiny object comes into view ... y'all know how to complete that story.

My sister and I kept all of Mom's WIPs and not-yet-started projects we'd like to stitch, and we gave away some needlepoint canvases (nothing hand-painted) that had been started long, long ago. But we have some things that need good homes, and we'd like to offer them to you. So I'll be giving away a couple of things at a time, in upcoming posts, until they're gone. How's that?

First on the list are three 28-count (two are identified, and one we're pretty sure about) fabrics.

Ugh, that's a horrible picture! Sorry about that. There's Jubilee Amaretto (center), Jobelan Bay Rum (we don't know which one is bay rum), and an unidentified fabric. Each piece is 18-by-18 or larger. All three will be given away together.

Also, here is The Drawn Thread's Winter Whitework Sampler.

This sampler pack contains silk floss, beads, buttons, snowflake charm and silk ribbon.

I'll do two drawings. If you're interested in owning and loving either the sampler or the fabric, just let me know which you'd like to have, or if you'd like to be in both drawings, in a comment. I'll draw names the old-fashioned way on Thursday, February 9, and let y'all know about a winner on Friday. Sound good?

I have work to do! I'm off to get busy. Make some fun.