Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whoopee ... Shores Block 3

Finally, Block 3 is finished! What's taken so long? It would take forever to list all of my excuses, so I'll just say that I've been distracted. There's so much going on here, and I'm ready for the more boring part of my life to reappear. For now, just lots of sighing and a very crooked, dark (it's dark all the time!), wrinkly picture of my accomplishment.

I tried to get a picture of just the mermaid, but I couldn't seem to hold the camera still enough to get the job done. I love her.
I had good intentions of showing you some progress on my most recent start, but I really wanna wait until the face (yes, a face) is finished. Until then, you'll have to be content with the supply picture:
Doesn't it look fun? I know! I'm so excited to be working on another Ewe & Eye & Friends Limited Edition Santa. If this guy ever gets finished, it'll be my third. Gee, that makes me sound like a Santa slut, doesn't it? This Santa is from (get ready) 1994. Yes, kids, you read it correctly. It's been in my stash for 14 years (eeeeek). I know! Am I the worst person you know? The really bad news is that this isn't the oldest item I should've already stitched. There are several kits that are older and probably hundreds (no, I don't think I'm exaggerating) of charts that are older. Do you think an intervention is in order? Or do you wanna come over and check out my cedar chest and file cabinet? Uh huh, I'll bet you do! Anyway ... I took a picture of the picture so you could see what Santa will look like in a few weeks (yes, Delusional should be my middle name) ...

My new plan (really? a plan? me?) is to work on him when I'm hanging out with the man I hang around with. We usually end up watching football (sniff ... poor Broncos ... sob), and I can work on him (Santa, that is ;)) during that portion of the weekend. Another good place to work on him will be when I'm visiting Mom during chemo sessions. We always stitch together then, and this is a perfect take-along project. I'm also gonna give him one evening a week while I work mostly on Shores Block 4. I'm afraid that if I set down Shores for the holidays, it'll somehow work its way more deeply into the dreaded WIP pile, so I have to stick with it. Then, just to give myself some variety (a way to ward off distractability), I'm gonna give Sarah Esh an evening per week. Will some organization in my life help to keep my nose pointed toward my stitching? I reckon we'll see.
Another exciting bit of stitchy news is that I got to pick up my son-in-law's stocking from the finisher (who must be working at the speed of light) on Saturday. As soon as I can remember to get a picture of it when it's still light out, you'll see it.
Finally, yesterday I completed another trip around the sun. My 54th! How can that be? Do you ever feel like you're still in your 20's? Never when I look in the mirror, of course! But once in a while, when I'm skiing or riding on the back of a motorcycle, I feel too young to be in my 50's. That's one of my favorite feelings, and I'm thinking it's a good thing.
Make some fun.


staci said...

Oh, that Santa is adorable! Can't wait to see him ;)

Congrats on finishing block 3, very lovely stitching.

Umm, yeah, the Broncos :(

Laurie in Iowa said...

That Santa is such a cutie! You have to find the time to stitch the Santa. Congrats on finishing another Shores block. I love the mermaid too.

Jennifer said...

Happy , happy birthday to my dear stitching friend who inspired me through her blog to get back into stitching whole heartedly !!!!!! I hope you were spoilt rotten by your family and the biker you hang around with ! You deserve it!! Love your mermaid and your new santa start also. glad to hear someone else has tonnes of stash too! xoxo

Karen said...

Your Santa is too cute! I can't wait to see him finished.

Your Shores is coming along nicely and block 3 is beautiful -- love it!

A belated happy birthdy; hope you had a great day.

Margaret said...

Congrats on finishing block 3!! I love that Santa -- he's adorable! Can't wait to see more of him! Happy belated birthday! I know what you're saying about feeling one age that's not the real one. lol! Although my body these days feels older, I think. :D

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Well happy birthday, dear Doris! Happy birthday to you - cha cha cha - ooh la! You sure do make 54 look GOOD!!!

Your shores is looking great and that mermaid is definitely the best part of that block, I think.

I remember your Santa's from last year and I think this will be a GREAT addition to the collection. I'm glad you and your mom have a hobby you can enjoy together during the chemo treatments. I'm sure she appreciates that time with you so very much. A take-a-long project is a good thing.

Have a great week, dear Doris!

valerie said...

Great progress on SoHRH! Love that mermaid. And cute little Santa too. Nice to hear you and your mom stitch together. I think that sounds so cute! Happy birthday...I hope that you had a great one!

JOLENE said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Doris!!!! The santa is adorable....and I love the tree he's holding. I have never seen any of the limited edition kits. He will be a great addition to your others. Have fun stitching and enjoy your week.

Barb said...

I never would have had you pegged for 54! Keep doin' what you're doin' because it seems to be working. Happy birthday!

Siobhan said...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Doris!! I still feel like I'm that fat, shiny kid who looked up at the high school that I later attended and thought, "When I go there and am 14, then I will be grown up.". I'm still waiting for that to happen. LOL

Yeay on the Shores block! Woohoo! That block took me a long time to do, but I do love the mermaid on it.

Love the santa!

Lee said...

Wishing you a belated happy birthday! Another trip around the sun? Love it....I'm gonna have to use that one.

Your Shores is looking great. Especially that mermaid!

And I'll end this comment here before I say anything about the Steelers beating the Broncos. Badly. ;)

Deb said...

Oh my goodness, is that Santa adorable. I don't think I've ever seen that one before and I love EEF patterns. I can't wait to see this one finished.

And don't feel bad about pulling things out of stash that are years old. I'm working on a sampler that I've had the pattern for 24 years! Well, no good time like the present, right? LOL

Congratulations on finishing Block #3. I really love the Mermaid in the water and I hope that you can stick with not having it end up in the old WIP pile. Mine did (big sigh).

And a Happy, Happy Belated Birthday to you!!

Anna van Schurman said...

1. I love the mermaid too. I think that's why I am (eventually) going to embark on this project.
2. I **love** that Santa. Did you know I have a whole tree decorated with Santas? Perhaps we are Santa sluts together. LOL! (Does that make Jesus our pimp?) (I'm going to hell and losing more readers, aren't I?)
3. I definitely still feel 28. I still can't figure out why my face sags like my mother's did when I was that age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Katrina said...

Shores is so pretty and I love your EEF Santa, can't wait to see it all finished.

Barbara said...

snicker, snicker Santa slut cracks me up.

I'd love to go through your cedar chest and help you lighten the load. Just give the word. LOL!!

Block three looks fab and I hope - no, I plan! - to restart my Shores once my stash arrives in Maine. Being so close to the ocean will surely inspire me!

As for feeling 20 again, yeah, it's seriously good when that happens. :D

mainely stitching said...

(The mystery Barbara is me. Danged mixed up accounts.)

Barbeeque4 said...

Shores is gorgeous!! I love that Santa kit!!!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day. You Santa is really cute and I am really looking forward to seeing a picture of your son-in-law's stocking. Does he know that you are making one for him?

Susimac said...

Congratulations on finishing your block, the mermaid is too cute.

Love the EEF Santa, isn't he wonderful!

Ellen said...

Love your Shores. Congrats on finishing another block. I just got the charts, don't know when I will start it. That Santa is cute!

Happy Birthday! I also have my birthday this month. I will be 51 in one week's time.


Anonymous said...

What a busy lady you are !
Happy Birthday - why, weren't you 20 last year ? Let's keep up with the pretence. Official ages have nothing to do with what one feels and is, really !

(the word verification today requests me to type "undress" - believe it or not !)

Coni said...

Happy Birthday, dear Doris! You look FABulous...at any age! But methinks 29 suits you quite well!

As to the Santa comment...may I just say "Santa Sluts of the World...Unite!"

Love love love the Shores. How happy is that mermaid?!

My word verification is "displin"! As in, "Stewey, if you don't get off that 'puter right now I'm gonna' give you some displin!"

Oh, tee hee hee hee hee hee. How sad is it when you crack your own a..?

Brigitte said...

Happy belated birthday, Doris! And yes, I know the feeling that I often feel much younger than I am. And I'm even a couple years older than you are, lol.
Greta new project of yours. This little snowman looks too funny and should be stitched up. It's a shame that he had to spend such a long time in the box, lol.
Never will I search for the oldest charts in my stash ...... LOL.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Doris, just love the Santa and I think we all have some of those stitchy things from long ago with good intentions to get done!!

I try not to look in the mirror I like thinking that I am still in my 20's - alas, the truth shows up when getting up in the morning!!

Happy Birthday a bit late.


Kellie said...

Happy late birthday, Doris! :) And congrats on your block 3 finish! Looks great! Mine has fallen to the back burner lately in favor of Christmas stitching. Love the Santa. Can't wait to see the stocking. I bet it is beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
You are so full of energy, sounds like you have so much accomplished and planned too. Your Santa is the cutest thing!
The Shores block looks great too. The colors are really stunning.

I'm so blessed that my hubbie doesn't ever watch football on TV because I don't know a thing about football....LOL
But.....he watches continual history channel which bores me to sleep......


Hazel said...

Wow those blocks are coming along nicely. Love the santa. very cute. xx

Jeanne M said...

It's never too late to stitch something! I have many many old charts and stash as well that I will get to "someday" LOL. Happy belated birthday! I just turned the same age last month and can't believe it either. I still feel pretty much like I did in my 20's inside and when I get with my girlfriends we all feel the same. It's just the outside that is aging darn it!

Loraine said...

What a darling Santa!
Congrats on block 3. I'm stuck on that big ship! Hopefully I can get pass that block soon.

Von said...

Happy Birthday, Doris! I'm just a little younger than you and find it difficult to believe that so many years have gone by!!

Your Denver Broncos may be letting you own, but you can switch over to the Boise State Univ. Broncos and have something to cheer about. Big game for them tomorrow and all the family will be gathering to watch it on ESPN. :)