Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too Much Fun

Well, kids, I have so little stitch-type stuff to report because I've been involved in having some fun (gasp). I know! I'm one of those people who think that, to quote Commander Cody, "You can't never have too much fun!" In my warped and twisted brain, almost everything can be fun, but sometimes it takes a little effort. And then there are the times that require much effort. But I digress.

I was busy most of the long weekend dog-sitting and hanging around with the man I hang around with, so that was pretty fun. Nothing terribly exciting, mind you, but I did purchase two fancy carbon monoxide alarms (woop tee doo) and priced a new, very quiet, garage door opener (yawn). Don't you hate to spend hundreds of dollars on things you can't stitch? Having fun while buying a garage door opener will be a situation that requires some work to enjoy. I'm thinking about that so I'll be ready when it actually happens.

Speaking of hundreds of dollars, the bills have started arriving for my unviewable-because-it's-on-the-inside nose remodeling of about a month ago. Who knew that becoming headache-free would cost so much? Truly a surprise to someone who has so successfully avoided surgery for decades. And here's a strange problem: I've been smelling a bad smell almost constantly for about a week. I usually have a great sense of smell (which can be a handicap when sitting next to a person of the pungent variety), but I can't rid myself of this odd, yucky smell. Just to let you know that I've covered all the angles, I've asked people I know and trust to smell me to see if it's me. It's not, and they would tell me if was. Could it be my upper lip? The inside of my newly remodeled nose? I have no idea! So anyone out there who has some advanced degree in odors and their origins, please fill me in.

Finally, I'll be stitching on Lo How a Rose tomorrow night instead of tonight. I've decided to have a little fun with my sister instead! Yes, kids, I'm going to leave my house on a school night and go listen to some friends play music and maybe enjoy an adult-type beverage (another gasp). I know! It's rather shocking! Wonder if anyone I know will still recognize me. I think I'm gonna have to chant on the way there, "It's good to get out ... It's good to get out ... "


Diane said...

If that smell doesn't go away, best make an appointment with your MD to check up there and make sure everything is healing/healed properly and there's no infection going on.

Enjoy your grown ups' night out!

Annemarie said...

Yikes Doris, I do hope that smell disappears soon. I have faryngitis (with an F) at the moment, and all of a sudden I've started to taste things that could never have been there before. Coffee tastes vile. I ask you? Anyway, perhaps it's temporary, but in any case, ask your doctor!
I always enjoy your posts!

Siobhan said...

I'd say definitely check with your doctor. Maybe it's just as things heal that that happens, but it does sound odd.

Enjoy your time out... sometimes it's nice to step out of the 'I must get this part done, I want to get this part done, just one more thread' mantra and enjoy real life!