Monday, March 2, 2009

Lo How a Rose - Week 6

I'm finally getting around to posting my progress on Lo How a Rose from last week. I had intended to do it on Saturday, but I got busy with other things (laundry, vacuuming, walking miles, running away to Boulder). After I took this picture, I was smugly admiring my work and found a little boo boo, which will have to be fixed this week (damn!). At the time of my goof, I'm pretty sure I was talking on the phone ... never a good idea for me when counting is required. I consider walking while chewing gum multi-tasking, but that doesn't stop me from trying it more often than I should. Anyway, I'm almost finished with all the words, and then look out, flowers!

We're having the world's most fabulous weather in the eastern half of Colorado. It was close to 70 yesterday and set a record in the 70's today. We hit golf balls and then went hiking yesterday. How can anyone stay inside when it's so beautiful? Boy, did I wanna play hooky today. Nice weather will continue all week, with the exception of wind (ugh ... wind, wind, wind) tomorrow, but we really need some moisture. So all of you who are sick to death of your snow and rain, please send it this way. I'm in true need of a snow day, and Colorado's eastern slope is in need of something wet.

I have a man story to tell. While making weekend arrangements on the phone, the man I hang around with was telling me he needed time to straighten up and do some things before I arrived. So I told him I could stay home and stitch for however much time he needed. Then he said (get ready for this), " You should bring your stitching." Really! That's what he said (gasp)! I know! Amazing. Of course, I only had time to do a little bit, because I had to bite my nails and fret during "The Changeling" (probably not a movie I should've watched). Men can be surprising, huh?

I'm off now to spend some time in Eden.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your LHaR is looking awesome, Doris! I have this book and think it's starting to call me louder and louder! Love it when a man says something surprising!

Lisa said...

I got this book mainly because of you - might have to start it sometime this year. It's looking great!

staci said...

You are really making a ton of progress on Lo! My stitching mojo may have returned (?) so hopefully I'll get going on it again :)

The weather really has been something...where on earth is our winter? Of course, now that I've said that we're sure to get a blizzard!!!

Deb said...

I absolutely love how your Lo is coming out. I'm sure you'll be so happy to get off those letters though! And I'm jealous of your wonderful weather. We're still cold here, but I think your warmth is going to make it to Michigan soon.

Brigitte said...

Wow, now this is a real progress on LO.
You seem to have the weather we were having last weekend but since yesterday it's been raining and partly snowing a bit. I could need some more sun days and would like to send you our rain, lol.
This man seems to be good for surprises, lol.

Barbeeque4 said...

LHaR is just stunning!! I have this kitted up and ready - and that sucker is a'calling me - !!!!

Siobhan said...

I love your Lo! It looks great. Enjoy the nice weather. I put away my winter coat last week & got it out again this morning, when I woke up to snow.