Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, it looks like we'll be having a new Sisterhood (Annemarie's idea). Here's the waiting list for our Lo How a Rose chart ... Jennifer (no blog) in Canada, Valie in France, Annemarie in the Netherlands, Ellen in Singapore, Erica in New York. So, welcome, ladies, to the Sisterhood of the Rose. I'm happy to be the keeper of the list, and I can't wait to see how everyone progresses. If anyone else would like me to add their names to the list, just shoot me an email (my address is in my profile). Also, I had never seen Ellen's and Erica's blogs, and both were great treats.

Here's a little update from Eden. I'm now hard at work on Page 4. The last page! My mom is gonna pass me up any day now, that stinker. I'll try not to be too whiny when that happens.
Now for the sad portion of today's post. Thanks to all of you who commented on Merlin's health. I know I've said that Merlin is my old man cat, but have I ever told you how old he is? One day this spring (we don't know the exact day), he'll be 17. He's the oldest cat we've ever had. We didn't have a happy visit to the vet. Merlin's kidneys are failing, and that's very bad for cats. The vet thinks that with some antibiotics (for a secondary infection) and prednazone and vitamins, Merlin could be with us for three to six months. It's hard to say with cats. They can have good days and bad. But when it's time for them to go, you just know. We've experienced it before, so we sort of know what to expect. He's had a great life with us, and we'll be doing all we can to make sure his last months are good ones. Here's a picture of my lap-sitting stitching and computer buddy looking rather spry (today's a good day). He's so dark that it's tough to make out his features.

It's back to work tomorrow for eight more weeks ... then summer vacation. I think I can do that and manage to make some fun while doing it.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your ATS is gorgeous, Doris! Finishing it is a major accomplishment!

So sorry about Merlin but isn't he lucky to have had you for such a long, wonderful life. I know you will do all you can to make his last months with you wonderful ones.

Coni said...

Feel better, Merlin! With love from your pal, Stewey.

OK, now I have to go look at all of the amazing things you did in the last post....gorgeous!

Jan said...

OH, I hope that Merlin feels better, it is so sad to lose our pets. I have some feline companions that are getting up there in years, as well, so know this heartache.

I haven't even started ATS yet, so what you have done is beyond amazing to me. Best of luck, with keeping up with your mom! It looks so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Trust Annemarie for coming up with the Sisterhood of the Rose... It is all thanks to your generosity.
I hope that Merlin's last weeks with you are graceful ; it is sad, we would like to keep our pets forever.

Patti said...

Your ATS is outstandingly beautiful and WTG girl. I'm going to have my fabric gridded before I start this one. I've decided because that way, hopefully, I won't make any counting mistakes and if I did it wouldn't be catastrophic.

I'm really sorry about Merlins health but he has had a very happy life with you guys.

Deb said...

You're on the home stretch with ATS, Doris! It's looking wonderful and if you are like me, you'll be looking for another BAP to do when finished (I'm still waiting for her next one, which may never be released). So sorry to hear about Merlin. But you know that you've given him a great life.

Annemarie said...

Only eight weeks till summer holidays?? Good grief. It's still freezing here!
Eden is stunning. What an inspiration itmust be to have your mother stitching along with you. Pretty frustrating too when she's faster than you :o)

Sorry to hear about Merlin's health problems. I know he has and has had a great life with, but that doesn't make it any easier when the time comes. I hope he has many good days ahead of him.

Jennifer said...

Nice blog! Just a note to say your finishes are lovely. Oh, how I know it is with older pets. I have a 15+ year chihauahau Ren, and he is blind and getting quite senile. But he is comfortable now and doing well.

Jennifer Dalenberg

Garden Girl said...

Hi Doris,
Your Eden is just beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. (I am so far behind in my blog reading, so my apologies for not stopping by sooner.) Your stiching is just beautiful!
It is so hard when our beloved pets get older, isn't it? I hope your kitty is comfortable and his last months are peaceful for all of you.

Von said...

Such sad news about your beloved kitty. I know you'll do all you can to make him comfortable and feel how much he's loved. That's pretty lucky right there.

Susimac said...

ATS is looking wonderful.

Oh poor Merlin, I always worry about Tash 9she is 14yrs) and her kidneys, but up to press she is ok.

The sisterhood of the rose sounds a wonderful idea, can you join at any time? I want to stitch LHR but haven't thought when yet this year?

Brigitte said...

I love to see your updates of ATS. It's such a great sampler.
This sisterhood thing is an absolutely great idea. There are a couple of travelling designs now.