Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've had good intentions. Each day this week, I thought about sitting down to post something, but each day has been so busy. My mom is in the hospital, which is such an extreme surprise to all of us that we hardly know what to do. She hasn't felt well for about a month, and when she went to the doctor, they treated her for an infection. Almost a week later, when she went back, they found some more disturbing things. So poor Mom is in the hospital and we've been entertaining her. In fact, it's hard to say which is worse for her ... being in the hospital or the entertainment we've provided. My brother came into town on Friday, so all three of us have been hanging out with Mom and Dad. I'll update you in a few days, when all of the info is gathered. All I ask is that you bring on all of your good thoughts or prayers or anything else you can muster.

On a happier note, here's a picture from Mom's Day of the three family ATS's. You'll notice that Sharri's finished sampler is in the middle, Mom's is on the left, and mine is on the right. At this point, I could be the next to finish, but now that Mom's sick, I almost feel bad about finishing before her. I know the picture quality is bad, but these pics were taken in Mom and Dad's dark den.

I'm not sure if these are clickable. When I first started blogging, all of my pics were clickable, but lately they haven't been. I can't figure out what I'm doing differently. It would help, probably, if I read the manual that came with my camera, but I have other things I'd rather do. If you have advice for the technologically challenged, bring it on. In the picture below, I tried to get a little closer so you could see Sharri's. As we were laying these out, we started noticing all of the things she forgot to stitch. A flower here, some backstitching there, a missed stitch in another place or two. Sharri is the less left-brained sister. She moves around all over the fabric when she stitches, but I tend to move more methodically through a piece. It's not that I love to stitch that way. It's my fear that I'll be unstitching and restitching several areas because I can't count. Maybe Sharri's more of a risk-taker. Or a better counter.

That's about it for today. I'm gonna allow myself a little time on the deck and then I'm off to the hospital for a while. Only one more week with my sweet little friends at school! Then we teachers pack for two days after Memorial Day (a closing school requires much packing), and it's all over but the shouting. Make some fun.


Pam said...

Doris, I'm very sorry to hear about your mom being in the hospital. You have my prayers nd good thoughts that she gets well soon.

Your stitching is beautiful. Instead of feeling bad that you may finish your sampler before your mom, can you bring hers to the hospital and you can each work on them while you are visiting her? Just a thought.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

All those ATS' are gorgeous. Congrats to your sister for finishing. Sending prayers for your mom, Doris. I hope she's up and stitching soon.

Patti said...

Doris, I am really sorry to hear about your mom and hope she gets better real fast.

Seeing those three samplers together is mind blowing! They are just so gorgeous and because of my perpetual mis-counting I am having my fabric gridded by a lovely lady in the States and then she will send it to me. I have everything else ready and waiting to start this and can't wait.

Now can you please email me and let me know how you are uploading your photos to your blog and I'll be able, hopefully, to figure out what you are doing wrong. My email address (well one of them) is so just let me know exactly what you are doing and I'll fix it for you. Lots of hugs and good wishes for your mom Love Patti xxx

Jennifer said...

Hope your mom will get better soon! You will be in my thoughts.
As far as the camera issues, I know exactly what you mean because I can't get my camera to take really good close up pictures. I used to have a Kodack Easy Share and honestly it took gorgous pictures. This camera I have now, my husband asked me to read the manual. Hey, I don't even know where the manual went! LOL
So, I'm hoping to get me another Kodack. Its on my wish list.
You samplers are beautiful! Lots of work in those, I can tell!
Take care,

Katrina said...

Doris, I am so sorry your mom is not doing well and yuck to being in the hospital! I hope the doctors can pin down what is going on quickly and figure out how to treat it. Lots of good thoughts and prayers for all of you. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

valerie said...

Doris, sorry to hear that your mom is sick and in the hospital. I hope the doctors get to the bottom of things quick and she goes back home soon. Take care of yourself.

Beautiful ATSs!!'s amazing to see all the stitching and the progress between all of you. Happy stitching.

Deb said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your mom is in the hospital. She has my prayers and wishes that she gets well soon.

Love the three ATS'. It's really hard to imagine three people stitching this at the same time, but yet it's so great to see everyone's progress!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your Mom being sick. I feel for her and for you too, because one would like their parents to be always strong. My best wishes for a prompt recovery. I think it is fantastic the way you, your Mom and your sister are doing parallel stitching - it would certainly never happen to me !
Keep faith -

dianemi said...

Doris, my thoughts are with you and your Mom. I'm praying she feels better soon.

As for the triple ATS. Absolutely gorgeous!! I think it's just wonderful that the three of you stitched it at the same time and they are just beautiful. If I asked my Mom and sisters to stitch it with me... well, let's just say that the looks, laughter and language would not be pretty! :)

Hazel said...

Hope your mum recovers soon. The 3 ATS pieces look stunning! Well done all three of you. I know you will finish soon. x

Jan said...

So sorry to hear about your mom being ill, Doris! I hope it isn't anything too serious, and they come up with a treatable prognosis. Maybe she can work on her ATS while hospitalized?

OH boy, those ATS's look so lovely. What a neat thing, the three of you being so close and stitching ATS together!

Stef said...

Lots of healing thoughts and prayers for you Mother. Hope she is on the mend soon and gets back to stitching with you. And all of your ATS' are fantastic, what a great family project and lovely memories you are all creating!

Coni said...

Happy thought and prayers for some excellent health are winging their way to you from Hoosierville. Get better soon, Mom so that you can get that gorgeous piece finished! Woo Hoo!

Ranae said...

Aww! I am sorry to hear your mom is ill, hopefully everything will change course.
Those ATS are fabulous
Congrats! to your sister.
How long did it take her from start to finish?
That is so sweet for you to wait for your mom.
Maybe we should all form a gang to rob a bank to frame our ATS,lol
I am just kidding!! We might get framed instead, lol

Ellen said...

Hope your mum gets well real fast. Prayers and hugs to you and your family. Love your ATSs, they are gorgeous.


Von said...

Praying that the docs come up with a complete diagnosis for your mom and a plan for a quick recovery!

I tend to stitch a project from the top down myself, trying to mitigate as many mistakes as possible. :D

Siobhan said...

Doris, I am so sorry that your mother has been ill. Thoughts & prayers going out to all of you--I'm sure you are beside yourself with worry.

Love the three ATSs! Congrats to your sister on her finish, too. :)

Deb said...

Doris: Are you familiar with the The Elm Creek Quilt novels? A few summers back I read several of these, and have picked up a couple more for this summer. They are just nice, light, take me away reading. By journaling via blogging and your stitching interests and strikes me that perhaps at some point you might consider writing (books) incorporating your stitching expertise and experiences. I don not cross stitch, but do embroider and crewel...I am not very good but it is so therapeutic....with you, your siter and mom sharing this past time, I am sure you have some good content for stories to publish. Anyway, I am keeping your mom (and you)in my prayers; what a year it has been and we never know what each person is enduring do we? I wish you peace and strength, this is a tough time for you. Hugs, Deb

Brigitte said...

So sorry to read about your mom being in hospital. I hope the doctors found a good treatment and that she's already feeling better by now. I'm sending positive thoughts.
All the three ATS samplers look fantastic. I can understand that you don't want to finihs yours before your mom finishes hers. Maybe you can stitch on it together once she's on the mend.