Monday, August 17, 2009

A Monday Quickie

The lesson I'm relearning this week is that time flies whether we're having fun or not! I had such good intentions, but time moves so quickly when that work day takes over.

I'll get business out of the way first, and then we'll go on to fun. Well, I guess the business part of this post is kinda fun. I'll be sending the Shepherd's Bush pillow kit to Diana (no blog?) just as soon as she sends me a snail mail address. Hooray ... another stash piece off to a happy home. No one asked for the bread cloths, so they'll go back into the cedar chest for a little while.

I have two more kits to give away, and then we'll stop until my friend Rhonda (no blog) decides what she wants from the bag I took to her house. The Lavender and Lace "Angel of Summer" kit below needs a new home. I'm thinking that this design uses 32-count Twilight Blue linen, and it includs all of the floss, metallics and beads. Since it was kitted, it has to be more than a decade old. It's a beautiful angel, but I know I won't stitch it.

Then there's this Paula Vaughan "Welcome Summer" kit. It includes an ivory fabric and all of the needed flosses.
If you're interested in either or both of the kits, just let me know by Thursday, and we'll do what we've been doing for a couple of weeks now. If you're new to the game, just look at the past few posts to catch up.

Here's what I've been working on in the little time I've had to stitch. Adam and Eve have appeared in Evil Serpent, as have the birdies. I really wanna finish this one and another A&E so I can put them together. Now if only my schedule will cooperate.

I had a very exciting weekend. On Saturday I met up with an old college friend who I hadn't seen in about 30 years. It was just like we'd seen each other last week! He looks and seems so much the same. Isn't that the strangest thing? We hung around a lot for the year we were in school together, and then we kinda went our separate ways, keeping in touch once in a while. It's good to see old friends. Then the man I hang around with entertained me with a little motorcycle ride up to Estes Park. It was a beautiful weekend, and it was filled up in the perfect ways. Color me lucky!
That's it for today. I'm off to watch The Closer and hit the hay. Make some fun.


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Jennifer said...

Would love a chance at the Lavender and Lace one. I like their angels. And one day hopefully will stitch one.
Thanks for the generous offer to us stitching friends!


Brigitte said...

Ahhh, a Paula Vaughan - but I already have it.
Nice progress on yur A&E sampler. I hope you will have more time for stitching again once the first week at school (which is always filled to the brim with activities) is over. Have a great start!

VALIE said...

hello Doris - Thanks for your visits to my blog and nice comments. You are a friend from across the Ocean. I would not be adverse to taking in the L&L angel...

Margaret said...

You're so generous giving all these kits away! I love your WIP. I want to get to some A&Es as well! Glad you had fun reuniting with your college friend and your biker friend. :D

Diana said...

Just found out I am the winner of the Shepherds Bush pillow! Thanks so much! My email address is

Deb said...

Doris - sounds like you had a wonderful time with your old friend and with the guy you hang around with. Your part of the world seems so wonderful, perfect for a bike ride!!!

So glad to see your Evil Serpent Sampler coming along. Isn't it fun to stitch? What other piece are you putting with it?

Katie said...

Oh, I do love anything lavender & Lace. Please include me in your drawing. I just finished and gave to my mother this past week a three angel L&L piece that I started some 15 years ago. Never say never! Thanks!

Kellie said...

Hi Doris,
Hope you had a good start at school. I don't know about you but I really miss all that stitching time I have in the summer. I love Evil Serpent. So pretty! And you have made a lot of progress. YGG! :)
Have a great rest of the week!

Siobhan said...

Estes Park... I am so jealous! I love love love it there.

Your A&E is too super cute. I bought the chart this past Spring with grand intentions of stitching it asap. I need to make a list of all the things I want to work on!

Sounds like a fun time with the college friend. I love it when I meet up with friends like that, where we fall back into a conversation as if we just saw each other yesterday. Special times!

omashee aka Barb said...

Doris, would love to give the Paula Vaughn piece a new home. Your A&E is lovely