Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Try, Try Again

Thanks to all of your comments, I now know that I'm not alone in my frustration with Blogger f***ing up my last post. That thought is somewhat comforting, even if it doesn't fix anything. Maybe it's a sign that I spend too much time on one post. I'll stop analyzing and just move on.

First, here's how I spent some of my free Friday hours.

I know! I resurrected something from the WIP drawer (ok, ok, one of my WIP drawers) and finished it. Yay me! Exercising extreme self-control, I chose Small Sampler, 3rd in a Series, by Ewe & Eye & Friends. I can remember charting this one way back in the olden days, so it's kind of an old friend. I stitched all but the lazy daisy leaves and sheep wool way back in 2004! So why did I wait five years to finish it? Sadly, that's probably a question for a trained mental health professional, and there's no use discussing it here.

Anyway, 3rd Small Sampler is stitched as kitted with Anchor floss on 40-count Sandstone, but I changed the stitches for the sheep wool from Kam's coils (pains in the ass, IMHO) to large, loose French knots. Because of Murphy's Law of Changing Kitted Stitches, I ran out of floss, and it was one of the few colors not in my stash. That issue caused two things to happen: 1) blog reading/commenting sucked up some of my morning, and 2) I had to go to the LNS and buy other things along with the floss. So it turned out rather well!

For those of you keeping score, I returned to Shores Block 3 on Saturday. I'm making rather slow progress, and I'll have a pic for you next time. I'm gonna have to hold the Broncos partially responsible for my lack of progress. Their games have been so unexpectedly exciting that I find myself sitting in my chair with my needle in the air. Sometimes I even have to jump out of the chair and holler. All of that fan action tends to distract me from my stitching! That's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

My TUSAL picture for the month was technically on time, because it was in the post lost in internet space. I was so proud of myself for doing something on time! Take a look at all those perle cotton orts from Reed's Stocking. They take up a little space. huh?

I was at Mom and Dad's a couple of times over the weekend, and look who's been hanging around over there!

These turkeys have absolutely no idea how determined my dad (alias, Mr Gun) is to remove them from the premises. The abundance of droppings they've left on Dad's wooden deck and paved surfaces could eventually motivate him to use extreme measures. So far, he's only used the leaf blower and pellet gun, but he owns quite an arsenal. I'm a little worried that one of these birds is gonna end up on my Thanksgiving plate. Before I shooed them out of harm's way, I pulled out my phone camera to get a shot (so to speak).
A few of you have been kind enough to ask (via comments and emails) about Mom. I decided back in June that I was going to try to give only good news, especially since Mom reads here from time to time. Sadly, there hasn't been much good news to report. Mom's been pretty sick (dizzy, weak, feeling generally shitty) for more than a month. After her last scan received less-than-shining reviews from the docs, they decided that they'd gotten all the good they could from the first chemo recipe, and they gave her a month off. She's on a new chemo recipe now, and it's much harder on her. Dad's taking care of Mom, and the rest of us are trying to help, and we're all hoping that this new recipe does some good work. If you have any prayers/good words/positive thoughts left in your hearts, we'd very much appreciate you sending them Mom's way. I know for certain that she'd welcome the help.
Hope you're all having a good week. Tomorrow it'll be half over! Make some fun.


staci said...

Your 3rd Sampler looks wonderful! Love those woolly sheep :)

So there's a little "free-range" turkey on the Thanksgiving menu???

Sorry that things aren't going well for your mom. Many hugs and prayers going her way...you guys hang in there.

Karen said...

Love your sampler finish. Great progress on your TUSAL.

mainely stitching said...

Keeping your mom in my thoughts - as well as the rest of your family.

Your stitching is GORGEOUS. What a great sampler! And your TUSAL accumulation is inspiring. I couldn't have filled a thimble with my orts this month.

Ellen said...

Love those sheep! Your sampler is beautiful. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your mum and the family.


Margaret said...

Oh I love that 3rd Sampler! So beautiful! I don't blame you for putting off the lazy daisies and french knots. lol! Nice that you ran out of floss so you could run to the LNS. :D Those turkeys -- I saw some on the side of the road the other day! You would think they would run away knowing what's coming up soon. lol! I'll be sending good thoughts and prayers for your mom. So sorry to hear she's feeling so poorly.

Jennifer said...

Love those sheep! sampler looks beautiful. Those darned turd-keys!
lots of love and prayers being sent your way . I am sorry that your Mom hasn't been feeling better. xoxo

Barb said...

Ewwww...lazy daisies and French knots. Very cute sampler!

Sending hopeful thoughts to your mom. I know it must be tough for everyone.

Loraine said...

I'll keep your mom in my prayers. I know that must be difficult for your whole family!
I love your sampler. It turned out wonderful. It's so nice to finish a UFO!
Keep going on shores. I look forward to pictures.
Take Care.

Katrina said...

I am so sorry about your mom, chemo is tough. Hope the second round does it's job. Lots of good thoughts and prayers for her and your family.

Poor tom turkey, sounds like he may end up on the Thanksgiving table, LOL.

Love your little EEF piece, too cute.

Pam said...

Congratulations on finishing that sampler. It's really cute. I know what you mean about wondering why you waited so long to finish it. I've done that, too, and I always wonder the same thing.

I'm sorry to hear that things are not going so well for your mom. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Patti said...

Your sampler looks just wonderful. I love sheep!
Patti xxx

Deb said...

Doris - Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers! And you and your family too!

I love your EEF piece. Funny how something can hang on for a few years and then one day we pick it up and finish it up! It's so cute.

Lee said...

Sweet sampler! Turkeys...probably the dumbest birds on earth. And I'm sending lots of good thoughts for your mom. I hope she has easier days ahead.

Jan said...

I love that little sampler, yay for you getting it finished!!

Periodically I think of your dear momma, Doris, and send up a prayer for her. I do so hope that there are miracles encapsulated in her new chemo menu. Praying for your dad, know it must be hard on him too.

Coni said...

Oh, yes indeedie, we've got PLEANTY of prayers and happy thoughts winging their way to you and Mom! Nothing but positive energy being sent in whatever mild-meld madness I can conjure up!

LOVE the stitching! Woo Hoo, you!

Kellie said...

Love your sampler. It is beautiful. I can't make a french knot or a lazy daisy to save my life. I admire those that can. Good for you starting Block 3! I have barely put any stitches in my block 3, so I doubt I get it finished by month's end. I don't blame your dad for wanting those wild turkeys out of there. They are some of the messiest birds. Will definitely say a prayer for your mom and all of you. Hope things get better with this new chemo round.
Have a good weekend!

Siobhan said...

Prayers continue for your mom, Doris, and for your dad and the rest of your family. Big hugs. I know it must be so hard on all of you.

Your finish is fabulous--good for you! E&E&F is one of those designers that appears frequently in my stash but I rarely, if ever, stitch them. :( They're SO pretty.

Laurie in Iowa said...

I love your 3rd Sampler Doris... those woolly sheep are wonderful.
I'm so sorry that your Mom is having such a rough time with the chemo. Hugs to you both.

Poor Tom Turkey... you better run baby, run....

Brigitte said...

Your E&E&F sampler looks so charming. It certainly was worth being finished. But who am I saying this? I have these boxes full of WIPs myself, lol.
So sorry to hear that your mom is being so sick. I'll continue thinking of her and sending lots of positive thoughts.