Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is It March Yet?

Well, another 12 days has passed between posts. It's been a very long couple of months. I've been stitching and knitting a little, but I'm incredibly distracted by life and work. I have quite a plateful right now. You know about Nikki and her son's birth within the next few weeks, and you know about my mom. I've pretty much stopped telling you about my job. It goes back to what my mom said: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

My job will change in a huge way next year. In my former teaching life, I spent 13 years as a classroom teacher in third through sixth grades, with one very interesting year in middle school. Bekah was born in 1991, and I figured out some at-home jobs (data entry and charting needlework for designers) in order to stay home with the kiddos. In 1996, Bekah died and I got divorced, so I returned to teaching in 1997. During that time, I've worked with small groups of kids who need help learning to read, but I haven't had my own classroom.

Because of our district's enormous budget shortfall, all of that's gonna change. My job has been eliminated and I must be "absorbed" into the school I was unhappily assigned to last year. That means that my only option was to accept the offer that my principal made to me. So, after 19 years out of the classroom, I'll be returning next year as a teacher in first grade (gasp!). I know! How scary! How fun!

I love first-graders, so that's not a problem. I'll be able to catch up with all of the math stuff, so that's not a problem. My teammates are very nice, and I've known them for years, so that's not a problem. My only problem is that I work for an ass. A boob. He's an immature, bird-brained, former high school administrator with negligible leadership skills who knows absolutely nothing about literacy and has no intention of learning. In fact, he never passes up an opportunity to display his ignorance or his lack of integrity. He's the only issue I have with the daunting prospect of enormous change. Unfortunately, it's a very large issue.

So now I'm gonna shop around the district to see if I can find a better spot. Because of the budget, there's not much movement in and out of positions, but there are bound to be one or two. We'll see if anyone is silly enough to hire an old lady who hasn't been in a classroom position for 19 years. It can't hurt to try, and I've heard from several former coworkers (displaced by our school's closure last spring) who want to help me get into their schools. I'm updating and polishing up my 13-year-old resume, and thinking about interviews This could be interesting, huh? Things to remember: it's not life or death, only my job; it's good to be employed.

Thank you for allowing me to whine a little bit. OK, a lot. The stress knot under my shoulder blade feels better already. I wanted to explain my distractibility, because my stitching and knitting progress has been so lame lately. Sarah Esh has been occupying my lap (along with Merlin) while in the purple chair. I love, love the Olympics (another distraction), and Sarah's been watching with me. Once in a while I actually put a stitch in. I'm not completely satisfied with my choice of natural linen, but it's growing on me.

My house is largely back to its former self, minus the ugly beige carpet. At home, life is very good. I'm still allowing myself to engage in some slide therapy after school. Whatever helps, right? So here are some pics for you. The teeny tiny kitchen (note the Cedar Hill kitty on the wall and the bag o' magnets on the counter) ...

The living area (sorry about the glaring sun, and the speaker will move to a less conspicuous spot later on) ...

The small dining area with my piano, my parents' dining set from the 50's (I love it), and the crocheted tablecloth I found in a Rhode Island antique store for $35 (I know!) ...

Home is a happy place to be! Too bad I can't retire and spend more time here, huh? Next, after some recovery time, will be the removal of ugly beige carpet and cheap-ass vinyl in the upstairs bathrooms. Ah, something to look forward to.

I leave you today with a very late look at my TUSAL jar. I took the picture on time a few weeks ago but couldn't remember to post it (duh). I like the look of yarn in there.

Make some fun!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of your home, Doris! The floors look fabulous! Enjoy sliding on them!

Good luck in your job quest! It is a bummer to work for someone like that! Something will turn up!

Robin in Virginia

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your home looks lovely Doris. Emma and Owen love sliding on my floors... which sometimes happens when they least expect it! :-)
Sending you positive vibes in your search for a new position.

KimV said...

Your home is beautiful! I love the floors... I really like your sense of style! Good luck with the job thing... do what you need to! There really is nothing more stressful than working with someone whom you have extreme dislike for... I know, my mom went through it and it took a huge tole on her...
oh, and i love your adam and eve!

Siobhan said...

Ah Doris, I hope things work out for you soon. Fingers crossed that you can find something you will enjoy--and somebody that you'll enjoy working for! Hang in there.

LOVE the new floor! It looks great with everything back in place, and it's fun to see your space.

Sarah looks great, too!

Missy Ann said...

And if he (boss) finds your blog he'll either make your life a living hell or fire you.

(((Doris))) but seriously consider editing this post.

Deb said...

Your life sounds like a whirlwind now Doris! I hope that your search for a new school "home" is fruitful. There is nothing worse than working with someone like that. It's makes the whole working environment miserable.

I love the new floor. Everything looks so crisp and uncluttered. Why is that with wood floors? You can have the same room with carpeting and it looks stifling, but the wood floors just opens everything up.

Love your Sarah Esch - another great A&E - one that I hope to do soon. And your fabric looks good to me!

FayeRaye said...

Hey Doris....I am so in tune with your situation on the job...I work in the schools also and will have to privately email you about some of the "situations" we are seeing. Just know you are not in this alone. Stay positive and start that networking now for next school years placements. Btw, I love your room makeovers!! Faye

Margaret said...

Such a bummer on the job situation! I hope you manage to find something elsewhere -- that boss sounds a jerk! Love your Sarah Esch-- the linen color gives it such a pretty look! And your house looks gorgeous! Love that tablecloth! Thinking good thoughts for your job!

mainely stitching said...

I wish you were teaching HERE next year! Rowen's going into first grade. I will cross my fingers and toes that you can get a happy position under someone who is not such an impossible moron. Good luck!!

Ranae said...

Here's wishing you luck to finding the perfect postition. Fingers crossed.
The new wood floors are fantastic.
And the WIP is looking lovely on that linen.
Take care!

omashee aka Barb said...

Doris, will keep my fingers (and stitches) crossed for a better work assignment. I know what it's like to have a misery for a boss.
Love the floors and the clean look of your home. Thanks for sharing.
I do like the linen color of your Sarah Esch. The tablecloth was a steal! Beautiful all!

Karen said...

Good luck with the job search, Doris! I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Your home is lovely and omigosh, that crocheted tablecloth is to die for! Have fun sliding on your floors :-) I'm trying to convince my guy that hardwood floors are a good thing!

Karen said...

PS, and I agree with Missy Ann, you might think about editing your post, if your boss finds it...ay, ay, ay!

Kellie said...

You hang in there, Doris. Who knows? Maybe the incompetent administrator will find a new job (making others lives miserable) or be replaced for his ineptness. I have worked for one of those once before, and it was miserable. I eventually was hired in my home district, and I have liked most of the principals I have had since (and I have had a LOT!--Principals turn over like hot cakes here.) I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. I think first grade would be a lot of fun though. They are so sweet and they still love their teachers at that age. :) Does your district have the option of applying for a voluntary lateral transfer if there is a job opening available?

You house is absolutely beautiful! I love your dining set and that gorgeous tablecloth. The wood floors are awesome!!! You have great taste.

Sarah Esh looks great!! I love that design. I have it in my stash, but I haven't started it yet. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.

Hope you have a good week!

valerie said...

Good luck with your job situation. I hope you find something that is the right fit. Love the downstairs makeover and that crocheted tablecloth is a total find!!

Jennifer said...

You are such a positive person you don't deserve an incompetent boss. this one sounds like a doozy!! I really hope all works out well and you can finish the school year knowing that you have somewhere else to go that is better or he gets another posting!! Love your latest stitching and the pics of your home are wonderful . would love to sit and stitch with you there and have lots of laughs . Looking foward to news of the new little one! xoxo

Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear about all this. Job markets right now are rough going to say the least. I just watched on TV how hard it's getting and I'm so thankful I still have one.

Your house looks beautiful, like a magazine! Love that table too and yes, you got a good deal on that tablecloth!!

Here's hoping life gets better for you.
Your stitching is so pretty and polished. Love the colors!

Feathers in the Nest

Robin said...

Love the tour of your home; the floors really look great. Sorry for your employment woes. Doesn't sound like fun working for a jackass. HOpe you find something that's a better fit for you.
Good luck!!!

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about the job situation Doris! Work forms such a big part of how we spend our days that it makes a huge difference if it's pleasant or not. At least it seems like you have some leads as to new opportunities. Good luck with that!

Your home is looking lovely! Wood floors can make such a difference!

Katrina said...

Love all the new house pics, the new floor is so pretty and goes well with everything else.

And your Sarah Esh is really coming along.

Hope you find a new position, sending lots of good thoughts and prayers.

VALIE said...

Look, I am also looking for a new position. I can't take any more of my boss. So there's two of us, with wood board floors in the US and in France, and a similar quest... ;-)