Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back

I'll begin with one more look at Christmas this year. Here's the little Santa I made for my friend Lucinda. He's stitched in DMC on needlepoint canvas and then cut out. I backed him with brown paper bag, which sounds not-so-good but is very cute. The chart is from the 1987 JCS Ornament edition (holy cow), and this is the third or fourth time I've stitched him.Below are the unfinished projects from my Ongoing Projects list. The oldest is on the frame in the bottom picture. I started it back in the 80's! I love it, so why haven't I finished it? I don't know! When I saw the picture of all of these, I felt so appalled that I immediately started working on Matilda Harrison, and she's almost finished! Most of these projects were begun before the death of our Bekah, and I haven't been able to pick them up again. I just lost focus (and oh, so many other things), so I'm holding myself accountable to finish them ... or at least to be aware that I haven't finished them. After almost 13 years, it's time to get motivated. To be fair to myself, I have finished some of the things I started way back when, and my sister says her unfinished project pile is much larger. We could also compare stashes. There's enough in my stash to keep me busy for decades ... but we're not going there right now.
Tomorrow ... ATS and my New Year's start!

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