Saturday, January 31, 2009


Thanks to Staci for coming up with the name of this mind-paralyzing disability, and to Erynne for designing the badge, I have become a card-carrying sufferer of CADD ... Crafters Attention Deficit Disorder. I reckon it's self-explanatory, but I'd like to tell you about my most recent bout. Since work began on ATS (and now Lo How a Rose because Staci made me want it), I've been thinking about all of my Adam and Eve charts ... slightly scary. I couldn't stop thinking about them, especially since I've been drooling over Siobhan's A&E wall (oh, baby), so I've dragged out all the ones I could find ... moderately scary. Now I have this idea in my pea brain that I'm gonna stitch all of the A&E's (plus one or two more I have to have because Siobhan made me want them) as soon as I finish ATS, even though I already have a plan to finish an ongoing project and then begin Shores of HRH ... help, I'm scaring myself. I need to be six people, at least.

If you're also a sufferer of CADD, and you'd like to have your own badge, go see Erynne. Then everyone will know, but no one will expect you to complete 12 steps toward recovery! Isn't it good to be accepted into a community? And don't you also love how I've tried to shift some of the blame for my CADD to others in the community (I thought that was rather clever)?

In an effort to spend time stitching and also hang out with the man I hang out with, I'm gonna do something I've never done before. I'm taking my stitching with me to watch the Super Bowl (gasp ... I know!!!). Can't wait to see how this one turns out. I'm not sure about what to take ... something small from the ongoing projects pile I suppose, even though I really wanna work on ATS, but it's so long now. I would absolutely sit and stitch if I were watching the football-game-of-all-football-games at home, so I'm just becoming more at home. Right? Am I right, girls? Besides, he sorta knows how I am. He just doesn't realize how serious my habit is.

Happy Weekend!


Katrina said...

Siobhan is a bad influence, I've been going through the same thing, LOL. My other obsession right now is Quakers. I always stitch while watching football games, hope it goes well :-).

I see you are in Colorado too, there's a great Sampler Guild that meets in Denver if you are interested! Just let me know, I will forward you the information! We are meeting next Sunday.

Siobhan said...

Bwah ha ha, I love hearing that others are seduced by the lovely naked people hanging out under a tree! ;) YGG, taking your stitching with you while you watch the Super Bowl. Think of the wasted time otherwise. Yes, it's fun to watch the game, but all that time NOT stitching?? Go for it! :D

Robin said...

I say let him see the real you and take that stitching, LOL!!! Hope it goes well and you have a blast! I feel the same with my stitching and I'm def a CADD too. I want to stitch up everything I see, and I want to start Shores of HRH, Sea to shining see by LHN and then I've got WIPs I was to finish. I have a new houseboat I want stitching stuff on the walls of, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkk...I need to be 10 people too!!!

staci said...

Ahhh, football! All that couch time~~a perfect excuse to stitch!!! I think it's a perfect little intro into your CADD side ;)

Coni said...

STASHTICY BELT!!!! YOU WIN!!!! OMG, I could not stop laughing at your comment. Thank you! Your blog ROCKS and I love your sensibility, fellow stitchy sister! Can't wait to see what's next!

disa said...