Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lo - Week 2

Yesterday was Lo How a Rose SAL day, so I had a little break from the Garden. Here's a pic of my progress after replacing the L and then stitching, unstitching, restitching, unstitching and restitching some of the other letters. Having seen Staci's, Vonna's (who is finished ... holy cow) and Laura's progress, I believe I'm (again) the slowpoke and (apparently) numerically challenged (who, me? count?).

I like the new floss color (the name of which escapes me, but I'll tell you later) better ... I think. It shows up much better than the London Fog (just look two posts back), and it blends pretty well with the other colors. It'll do. Maybe next week I'll be able to count. I know! I could blame it on my old man cat Merlin. He wanted to sit in my lap, as he usually does when I stitch, but he can't fit up there because of the book the Lo chart is in. Without the book, he takes up my whole lap all the way to my knees. He fussed a lot (he's very old and very whiny) and made multiple attempts at sneaking up (not too old to jump into the chair). In fact, we had kind of a spat over it, and he was still a little cranky this morning. That's it. It's all Merlin's fault I couldn't count to 5 or 7 last night. Yeah, that's the ticket.
I know I said this last Thursday, but here it comes again ... ahhhh, tomorrow is Friday. I'm so happy to be employed, but I need three-day weekends to happen every week. OK, time to get to stitchin' in the Garden.


karenv said...

I love how your Lo is coming along. The colours are so soft and pretty on that fabric. I have this design and am waiting on fabric - I can't wait to stitch it!

One of my cats likes to sit on me when I stitch too, but usually only if I'm in my chair upstairs, rather than on the sofa - very fussy!

Brigitte said...

You are doing great on Lo. Fast or slow, who cares, lol. You are right with the new colour the L is better visible, and it matches great with theother colours. Good choice.

Terri (TerriBoog) said...

It looks great, Doris! All of you are inspiring me to pull this out and start it, too! I love your color changes.