Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lo How a Rose, Week 1

Having joined a Lo How a Rose SAL with Staci, Vonna and Laura (oh, how I love partners in crime), I jumped right in last night and made a little bit of progress. And then, I started to notice how WDW's London Fog just fades right into my Java-whatever. Rats! So I suppose I'll be doing a little reverse stitching and hunting to see what I can find that's a tad darker (of course there's nothing in all those little plastic bags at home that will do). Since all the words are stitched in that color, something's gonna have to be done. Otherwise, we'll see the pretty little flowers, but we won't be reading the lovely words to the poem. Trouble is, I like the way London Fog goes from tan to purple-gray (is that whining?). If this is my biggest problem this week, life is too good. Ew, now that I'm looking at the picture, it looks a little blurry. When I looked at it on the camera screen, my old-lady eyes thought it looked fine. Oops ... sorry about that. This short week has seemed excrutiatingly long (could it be the nasal nuisance and Ambien hangovers?), so I'm thrilled that Friday will finally arrive, as promised. Six days off, even with the nose crap, spoiled me rotten. Time off is like really good chocolate ... it always tastes like more.


Brigitte said...

I couldn't agree more with what you say about days off. And stitchers can always use some additional time off from work, can't they?
Your new start looks so nice, I love the threads you showed in your last post. It's always good to start something new when working on a BAP in order not to get bored with it.

Siobhan said...

Hey, your start looks fab to me! I think BN's color palette is so soft that it's hard to find a ground linen to suit it. Enjoy your weekend!

Oh darn, I see you have Miss Lila's House as a 2009 start. La la la, I did not notice this, la la la... I sooo want to stitch this... la la la...And you're doing it over one on black. Jiminy crickets!! YGG!

staci said...

Lovely start! Your fabric and colors are really pretty!!!

Carol R said...

Great new start - love the colours!

I know I am a bit thick or can we put it down to my cold-filled head - but what on earth is a BAP?

pj said...

Hi Doris, Love your progress on ATS. I have that in the stash!!! Saving for retirement. ha!!! Could you please share your WDW colors for the LO How a Rose? I just have the DMC and would like to see the WDW colors. Thanks -you could just email me. pj