Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Uh oh ... New Project

Because Staci, fabulous and speedy knitter and stitcher extraordinaire, is such a bad influence (and I so love a bad influence), I'm gonna start Brightneedle's Lo How a Rose. I'm using WDW floss over one on R & R's 30-count Java-something-or-other (hopefully memory isn't the last thing to go). I desperately needed another project, right? Since I've had my face buried in ATS for a long time, it'll be good to branch out from the Garden of Eden into some roses.
Is it still true that whoever dies with the most projects wins?


Carolyn said...

Miss Staci has been a bad influence on me several times! (Gotta love her, though!) I'm afraid I will be trying to find the pattern for this one, too. She so sweetly gave us the link on her blog (is that called enabling??), and I just LOVE it!!
Can't wait to see your progress. :)

Siobhan said...

Ooh, love your fabric choice! Those colors are so pretty. I love Bright Needle--wish they'd design a bit more. I stitched this in '04 or '05 and just had it framed last summer. It's a fun stitch--I'll enjoy watching your progress when you venture out from the Garden for a break. :)

Lisa said...

Naw, but as long as you have something to work on you'll never die (reasoning is you're too busy!). ;)