Thursday, February 26, 2009

And They Sinned and Sinned and Sinned

Before I get started on ATS, I need to answer a question for Jennifer (no blog), who is interested in acquiring the Lo How a Rose chart. Jennifer, go to Staci's blog and try the link she gives on this post. If that doesn't help, please get my email from my profile and send me a note. We'll discuss.

Last night at the folks' house was not just a birthday dinner (with absolutely fabulous red enchiladas and tacos made by Mom), but a true ATS fest. My mom, sister and I all had our samplers in tow so we could examine and compare. First, here's a progress pic for my ATS:

The instructions (I love this design, but I'd really love to edit those instructions) say to use two colors of green and work diagonally to fill in the grass. The diagonal idea just wasn't working for me, so I knew I would fill horizontally. Then I tried the GAST Green Apple, loved it, tried the Shutter Green (I think), and watched parts of the motifs fade into the background. Out came the Shutter Green! So I'm ending up with my sister's choice ... Green Apple it will be. Below is a close-up so you can see what it looks like.

After dinner, we cleared off the big dining table and laid out the samplers. I think I got a pretty good pic, but I'm not sure it's clickable. So sorry if it isn't.

Mom's (Estelle) is on the left (and she started it last Thanksgiving!), Sharri's is in the middle, and mine is on the right. Mom and I are both using lambswool linen, hers in 36-count and mine in 40-count. Sharri's is on an unknown 36-count R&R fabric (which tells you how long ago she bought it). I hadn't realized how much smaller mine is until we had them all together. I love that 40-count fabric. We're all using GAST, and the color differences are really interesting. Even the men in the house were talking about the color differences!
By the way, watching the men (aged 18 to 75) was hilarious. We girls were completely excited, but they didn't get it at all. They looked and tried to appreciate, but they think this stitching thing is just so silly. Go figure ... they like guns. In a rather disgusted voice, my dad said, "It'll probably cost $500 to frame all of those." None of us dared to mention that it'll almost certainly be more than that. Shhhh ... what he doesn't know won't hurt him.
I took a closer picture of Sharri's so you could see the last section. I really wanna catch up. Why? There's no hurry, except that I have a long, long list of can't-wait-to-stitch projects calling my name. And it's not a race, except that I really wanna finish first (not a chance in hell). Mom will probably finish before either one of us. She's not known as Super Stitcher for nothing. So that's the ATS tour. Hope you've enjoyed it. Of course, I'll get a picture when they're all finished so you can celebrate with us. Now I'm off to work on Lo How a Rose because I didn't get to last night. And then tomorrow's Friday!


Deb said...

Wow! Three of you working on this at once. How fun to have your mom and sister along for the journey. All are looking so wonderful! Will you pick up another large project after this is done.? And, by the way, I like your grass going horizontal. I did my diagonal and wonder now if it would have looked better the way you did it.

Robin said...

WOW!!! that is so inadequate of a word for this project all 3 are AMAZING!!!! I know you, your sis and your mom will be so excited to see all 3 finished. Please get the finished photo and also when all 3 are framed. You all are doing fantastic!!!
and I'm going to research the bird litter also; that is interesting and something I've never heard of. I've used a nickel or quarter in my fobs for weight but didn't know there was anything like bird litter to use....interesting!

Brigitte said...

OMG, these pictures are stunning! It's so great to see the three projects next to each other and to see the difference the fabric count makes. Must be wonderful to have your SAL stitchers nearby always being able to organize a stitch-in.

karenv said...

Wow! How amazing that all 3 of you are stitching on this together! They all look gorgeous but I had to LOL at the men's attitude and yes - $500 probably isn't going to cover the framing ;)

Katrina said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! I love seeing the difference the count of the linen makes. Now I want to get mine out and start working on it again. Can't wait to see all the finishes :-).

staci said...

You guys are just a bunch of sinners, LOL (just kidding!!!) It's just breathtaking to see them all laying side by side. That is so cool that you are all stitching this HUUUGE project...did you all start at the same time???

Glenna said...

That's incredible, and I'm hugely envious of the fact that your mom and sister stitch, and that you're stitching this together!

Siobhan said...

Wow wow wow!! They're all wonderful. It must be so fun to be working on such a big piece with your mom & sister. And I'm still laughing at your dad's guesstimate on the framing cost. ROFLOL Ah, what they don't know won't hurt them!!

Ranae said...

Wowza! They look great.
I am finished with it all except now on to the grass. I am niot sure how I am going to do it. I should have did it along with the motifs like you did.
Are your mum and sis doing the grass like yours?
That must be really fun to stitch this altogether.

Annemarie said...

Lo, how a sampler... Amazing progress, for all of you. But your mother's needles must be burning, at the speed she's going!

Kathleen said...

I just ordered the "And They Sinned pattern". I'm jumping through my skin till I get this one. What floss does the pattern call for and would you share your substitues colors as I love them on your pics!