Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Advice for a "Foblem"

You bloggy girls rock! I got so many sweet compliments and good ideas that I needed to let you know how much I appreciate you all (insert big wet kiss here). Annemarie had the perfect solution to my "foblem" (fob problem that wasn't much of a problem, but this is obsessive stitching, after all). Her suggestion is to use the big fob as a pin cushion and make another smaller one for a scissor weight, making a matching set. How smart! To that end, I made a little call to the Needle in a Haystack girls (love those girls) who are putting a little piece of WDW Seafoam (because the fabric makes the fob) into the mail for me tomorrow. How easy was that?

Because I have the "O" word (obsession for those of you with other things on your minds) and because of the BBD girls (who we all adore), I started searching for crushed walnut shells to stuff my new pin cushion and fob. When I googled said product, I found Sharon's blog, on which I learned all I needed to know about buying bird litter in seven-pound (weight, not sterling) bags. Even though I had an idea about what seven pounds of something would look like, it was still rather shocking, so here's a pic of Merlin (my little old man cat who refused to cooperate as I took his picture ... maybe next time you'll see his face) next to the bag.

Like Sharon, I now have what could be a 20-year supply of pin cushion and fob filler. Since I won't be asking a bird to join Merlin and me at home, I reckon we'll have to get busy producing cute little things that require crushed walnut shell filling. I think I just gave myself permission to acquire more stash! Did you like how I quickly justified future stitching expenditures? Please feel free to use that method at home.

Finally, thanks to Deb who sent me some new friends. It's always fun to meet and visit new bloggy buds.

Tomorrow night we're having a double birthday (sis and nephew) family dinner (yay, Mom), which just might provide a multiple ATS photo op. I'll do my best to get pics. Until then, make some fun!


Brigitte said...

Crushed walnut shells, I knew that I had already read this somewhere. But I didn't know that it's the same as bird litter. I'LL GO And look if I can find it somewhere. It's worth a try. Thanks for sharing.

Doris said...

the cat pictures is funny,is like him is looking his shadow, the cat´s are so cute.

Annemarie said...

I'm glad to have been of help, Doris :o)

Crushed walnut shells... I had heard of using that as a possible fob/pincushion filling, but I couldn't imagine myself crushing so many walnuts just to get some filling for my fobs. Thank *you* for filling us in on this front.

Ranae said...

I still have to get me a bag of those walnut shells. I hear they keep your needles clean and sharp.

Siobhan said...

Love the cat pic! I want to do something that requires walnut shells just so that I can use them! LOL